Descriptions of all our Programs which may be offered by the Centre…

For dates, times and locations of the following programs, please visit the CALENDAR page or our PROGRAM POSTER page for more information …

Coffee & Chat Come join us every Tuesday morning from 10:00 – 11:30am for a free morning of crafts, nutritious snack, rhymes, songs & other fun activities.  This is a drop-in program offered in Altona, no registration required.
Stay & Play This drop-in program that currently is running in Altona, Gretna, Rosenfeld, Emerson & Letellier. Feel free to drop by for a few minutes, or stay for the whole morning. Enjoy meeting new people and visiting with other parents while the children play sing songs and make some crafts. Nutritious snack provided.
Community Kitchen Everyone is welcome to attend this free nutrition program each month. This program allows you to cook together learning new recipes while your children are out playing with the childminders (sometimes we need a bit of help keeping your children entertained….it is okay to come out of the kitchen, you will still be fed, children are NOT allowed in the kitchen). When the meal is ready, we will ALL sit down and enjoy the economical, well balanced meal. And when our tummies are full, we will all pitch in and help to clean up!  Registration is required.
Healthy Baby Healthy Baby is a group for parents who are pregnant or have babies under 1 year. Meet other parents, have a healthy snack, learn about pregnancy, parenting and nutrition and enjoy a relaxing time to connect with your baby! Free milk coupons for those who are pregnant and have babies under 6 months, free childminding for children under 5, Prenatal Benefit for those who are pregnant. We meet the first & third Wednesday of each month from 10:00–11:30am at the Centre.
Preschool Fairs Interactive hands on activities for parents and children to enjoy together.  The Fair is for parents and their children who will be entering Kindergarten the following couple of years.  Be prepared to spend 1 to 1 1/2 hours playing and learning with your child.  There is no child care available so please make other arrangements for other children.  This is a come and go event taking place at various schools in the Area.   Sometimes school bus rides are available.
All Aboard the Number Train Opportunities for exposing children to number concepts are everywhere.  From our homes to the grocery store, there are objects to count, measure, estimate and divide.  Parents & caregivers can help make math fun with simple games, rhymes & stories.  This program will focus on some very basic math outcomes that will prepare preschoolers for Kindergarten and the concepts that follow.  During the entire program there are parent – child interactions.  This program is for children who will be attending Kindergarten in the fall.  Childcare will be offered for younger siblings.  When offered, this program requires registration.
Kit & Kaboodle Kit and Kaboodle is a family literacy and language program.  Each session includes a circle time for rhymes and songs, a sound game, a group story and parent/child book sharing time.
Toy Lending Library Have you ever wanted to try out a toy before you purchased it? Have you purchased a toy that you thought your child would love only to find it a week later collecting dust? You can borrow toys for FREE from the Toy Lending Library at the Resource Centre for up to two weeks at a time. No more cluttered toy boxes. Stop by the Resource Centre during office hours to check out what we have available. All our toys are cleaned and sanitized upon return following the Health and Safety guidelines.
Family Gym Nights An opportunity for preschool children ages 3-5 and their parents to join in an hour of fun physical activity in a local gym (parent participation required). The goal is to provide an outlet for physical activity for preschoolers in the winter as well as to help parents become aware of the activities that are important to the healthy development of an active child and the practical things they can do to provide those outlets. Please bring grippy slippers or indoor shoes.  This is a drop in program that is offered in January, February & March.
After School Gym Program This is a program of activity for children in Grade 1-3.  At 3:30pm children will meet in the gym for a snack and then will participate in a variety of activities that promote physical fitness until 4:30pm.  There is no charge for this program.  Registration is required, space is limited.  Registration forms will be sent home through school.  Normally offered in January, February & March.
Growing Up Green This 6-week outdoor program uses nature as a learning tool, and encourages parents/caregivers and preschool children, up to age 6, to go outside and explore. Through rhymes, books and nature-based learning activities, families will experience the joys of learning together while gaining the tools to foster their family connection to nature and the environment.  When offered, registration is required.
Play to Learn, Learn to Play This program focuses on the power of play. Parents have the chance to explore the importance of play through group discussion, bookmaking, songs and games. Children have an opportunity to explore their world by choosing activities at a variety of play centres. Families engage in child-led play and join together for songs and group games.  When offered, registration is required.
Mothers and Daughters in Touch This program gives opportunity for mothers and daughters to spend time together, learn and have fun!  This 8 week series, about relationship and skill building works towards expanding the mother’s capacity as both mentor and resource person for her daughter.  Mothers and Daughters is about preserving and strengthening the relationship that is already well established – it is not meant to be therapy or counselling.  Space is limited to 10 mother/daughter pairs (Girls in Grades 4-6).  When offered, registration is required.
Parenting Workshop:  Exploring What Works You are invited to join us to explore a variety of frameworks, and strategies designed to help you better understand the behavior of your child, and your existing patterns of reacting to their behaviour, and other stressors in your life. The sessions will clarify your role as a parent, and help you understand your needs, and your child’s needs. We will explore how you can further develop your awareness and skills to better support your child in regulating their emotions, and making choices which meet their needs, and allow your family to thrive.

In the four sessions we will explore how to increase your awareness of your unconscious patterns. As well we will explore how all behaviour is purposeful and connected to our feelings and needs. You will also be taught specific strategies to increase the positivity in your home, to manage tricky transitions such as bed time, and how to deal with difficult and challenging behaviour. In each session you will receive handouts specific to what is being taught. In addition, there will also be time to share, and ask questions about what you are experiencing.

Childminding will be available, if needed.  Pre-registration is required.

Families Together: 

A Newcomer Family Literacy Program

This is a preschool parent and child family literacy program for newcomer parents and children together.  Families are encouraged to share their culture as everyone learns together. Families Together is designed to provide a place for newcomer families to connect with other newcomer families in their community, learn with their child, and address everyday life skills such as shopping, reading, writing and understanding the school system.  This program brings language and learning to families in an enjoyable and functional way.  Families Together supports families in their efforts to connect to community resources and venture into the larger community.
Fun, Food & Friends A program designed for newcomers as Canadian topics are discussed and Canadian foods are prepared all the while building friendships.  Newcomers are encouraged to speak English and everyday life skills such as shopping, reading, writing and understand Canadian life will be discussed.  This program will support families in their efforts to connect to community resources and venture into the larger community.
Alphabet Soup A fun, family-friendly experience for parents and preschool children aged 2 to 5. Together parents and children enjoy food-related songs, rhymes and books. Parents create games for their child while discussing ideas which encourage healthy eating habits for families. A highlight of this program is the parent and child snack time where each week they share and explore a new food idea together. This program brings together the goals of encouraging a love of language and books, and expanding children’s healthy eating experiences while providing parents with new food ideas and information. When offered, this program requires registration.
Alphabet Soup In Motion Alphabet Soup in Motion focuses on active play and healthy eating principles in a family literacy context.

Alphabet Soup in Motion is based on the Alphabet Soup program (see description above) with a physical activity twist.

When offered, this program requires registration.

Rock & Read A literacy program that introduces families to a variety of books.  Each week parents and children enjoy songs, rhymes, book sharing and stories.  Children have fun with play centers and art activities related to the themes explored each week.  Parents explore ways to encourage a love of books and reading in their young children.  Each parent creates a special board book to give to their child.  When offered, this program requires registration.
Shake, Rattle & Roll This is a parent/child physical activity program encouraging early movement and co-ordination using songs, a variety of equipment such as beanbags, balls etc.  This program is for children ages 2-4 years old.  Childcare is available for siblings.  When offered, this program requires registration.
Wiggle, Giggle & Munch A program that promotes the importance of an active lifestyle as parents discover new ideas for active play and the benefits of playing with their children. They also witness the importance of movement, the development of skills such as balancing, jumping, kicking, and throwing.  Besides modeling age-appropriate physical activity, this program models healthy eating for young children. At snack time, children can try new foods and may experience a different relationship to food and to eating. Their parents also experience and think about food and eating in ways that may be new and helpful.   When offered, this program requires registration.
Kids in the Kitchen A program designed to help inspire kids to learn how to prepare simple, inexpensive, tasty and healthy meals and snacks.  The goal of Kids in the Kitchen is to provide the foundation for lifelong healthy eating.  This is done by:

1) Providing opportunities for children to improve their food preparation skills;

2) Teaching children heatlhy nutrition practices in a fun manner;

3) Giving children the opportunity to learn about foods from different cultures;

4) Improving social supports for children;

5) Encouraging food security through promotion of affordable meal & snack ideas.

Program is offered in schools in Altona, Gretna, Rosenfeld & Emerson.