Board Member Outline


The AAFRG Board consists of community members who work together to offer programs for parents and their children in Altona, Gretna, Rosenfeld, and Emerson. Most programs are for parents with preschool children, although there are some programs for school-aged children. The Board meets up to eight times in a year and committees meet as needed. The Board operates through a committee structure with the following committees in operation: Program; Finance; Facility; Public Relations & Fundraising; and Policy. The chairs of these committees form the executive of the Board and act as the Personnel Committee. A chairperson (or co-chairs) is selected from the executive. The coordinator acts as the secretary for the Board.


Chairs of committees are selected by the Board following the annual meeting. If the committee chair is presented with a problem or concern that he/she cannot resolve on his/her own, the committee chair shall consult with the executive or the chairperson(s) for assistance.  The amount of time that a board member offers to the group varies from member to member.  Each board member is highly valued and is an important part of the team.  Board members volunteer to be a part of the commitee(s) that are outlined below.


Please note that for each committee the chair is responsible for calling meetings whenever necessary and contacts all their committee members regarding the meeting.




Chairperson:  Carol Braun

The chairperson is a member of all the committees.  It is the responsibility of the chairperson to direct decision-making by the Board to ensure the smooth running of the AAFRC.  The following are the duties of the chairperson:

  • Call and chair regular board meetings (no more than 8 in a year) and the Annual Meeting of the AAFRC.
  • Prepare meeting agendas in consultation with the committee chairs and the coordinator.
  • Designate three people from the Executive to have signing authority.
  • Review  coordinator salary, and program costs.
  • Meet with the coordinator to ensure smooth running of the AAFRC programs.
  • Be a spokesperson for the organization when required.
  • Oversee the work of the committees and actions on the Strategic Plan.


Committee Chairs:

  • Call meetings of respective committees when necessary.
  • Report to the Board regarding committee work.
  • Provide leadership to committee work.
  • Prepare a committee report for the annual meeting.
  • Carry out actions assigned to the specific committee from the Strategic Plan.
  • Other responsibilities as asigned.
  • Act as the Personnel Committee as follows:

Advertise for, interview and hire a coordinator when required.

Oversee coordinator’s position along with chairperson and executive

Review description of coordinators duties semi-annually with coordinator and give guidance to him/her.

Help coordinator find volunteers for variety of different needs i.e. childcare, baking, cleaning, facilitating when needed.

Thank volunteers & employees through an approved action by the Board.

Carry out any actions assigned to this committee from the Strategic Plan.


Following is a list of the Committees associated with the AAFRC:

Public Relations & Fundraising Committee Outline

Chair:  Aimee Braun

  • Consult with the coordinator regarding advertising of upcoming programs.
  • Organize events that bring public attention to the AAFRC.
  • Sponsor community wide fundraising activities that also have a public relations function.
  • Raise funds within the community.
  • Carry out any actions assigned to this committee from the Strategic Plan.

Program Committee Outline

Chair:  Katherine Beaudoin

  • Record and forward minutes or program details along to the coordinator as soon as possible (next working day).
  • Develop a program master plan for the following year (February).
  • Prepare a program budget for this plan and submit to Finance (February).
  • Prepare a yearly overview of all programs.
  • Review program evaluations and statistics by June of the current year and make recommendations.
  • Support the coordinator in regards to the aspects of organizing programs.
  • Lin in to other committees for advertising and volunteers.
  • In consultation with the coordinator, maintain and update guidelines for facilitators and child minders as needed.
  • Carry out any actions assigned to this committee from the Strategic Plan


Finance Committee Outline

Chair:  Dorothy Braun

  • Review the Program plan and incorporate it into the budget plan for the year.
  • Prepare an annual budget (Febraury for following year).
  • Help coordinate fundraising events.
  • Review financial information quarterly.
  • Review salary for the coordinator and review honorarium rates for facilitators annually.
  • Carry out any actions assigned to this committee from the Strategic Plan.

Treasurer Position:

      • keep monthly record of all account transactions
      • make sure Credit Union statement coincides with our records
      • file receipts for all transactions which require a receipt (e.g. Donations)
      • give a report to the board at board meetings or submit report to chair following quarterly reviews.
      • pay coordinator every two weeks
      • submit GST forms
      • submit Charitable organization form
      • pay bills
      • Prepare financial statement for the Annual Meeting


Facility Committee Outline


  • Maintain regular contact with the Community Health Resource Centre Committee in regard to operation changes and new directions.
  • Maintain regular communication with the Director of the Altona Community Health Centre in regard to our tenancy.
  • Bring any issues of tenancy to the executive and the Board.
  • Carry out any actions assigned to this committee from the Strategic Plan.